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Tapeworm/Parasite - Renton, WA

Go to Philip Arnold Park in Renton. From I-405 take the Rainier Ave. Exit. Go right onto Grady Way (East Bound). Go past McD's and Starbucks and turn right onto Talbot Rd S. Turn left onto S. Puget Drive and curve your way up to the top of the hill past Benson Rd. Just before a 3 way stop there will be an unmaintained road to the left (sharp left). Take this to the end and park at the ball fields. Ride back up the road a couple hundred yards until you see a jersey barrier on the right (West side). This is the begining of the Parasite. Take all trails to the right and you can't miss. You will know you're there when you hit you first of hundreds of sick twisties. Thomas Guide page: 656
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  1. Parasite/Tapeworm - Both of these trails are long one-ways. Youwon't have to worry about cross trail collisions because there aren't any. The people who made these trails are engineering marvels. They managed to build miles of trails on a few square acres of land. These trails are technical and slow. Don't expect any fast downhills this is a place to hone your tech skillz. A few logs and a couple of stunts but mostly tight twisties and sharp up and downs.
    Once your out of the Parasite follow the trail to the right. It will curve left and come to a double track. Take a right and then a quick left and you will come to 2 trails to the right that lead into a forested area. The second trail is the entrance (the first is the exit). The Tapeworm is more of the same twisty tech stuff. You can't get lost once you find these trails because they are one-ways. You will come close to another rider on another part of the trail but he might be 5 or 10 minutes ahead or behind you! There is still another part called the Crop Circles but currently it's a bit overgrown with blackberries. All three trials one-way probably total around 8 miles. I haven't measured for sure but it is a good afterwork ride/ workout. Even when it's raining it is still a dry place to ride.
    Ride rating: Intermediate
    Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change: ~100'
    DBCoop a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fish Paragon from Seattle, WA.
    Posted on 10/12/00 Washington Edition HomePage
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