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Washington County

Gooseberry Mesa Trail Network - Springdale

From Springdale, travel 3 miles west on Highway 9 to Bridge Road. Follow Bridge Road 1.6 miles to intersection With Smithsonian Butte National Scenic Backway. Continue on Smithsonian Butte Road 4.9 miles to Gooseberry Mesa Road. 3.6 miles in on Gooseberry Road, veer left onto the Left Fork Road. One final Mile on Left Fork Road brings you to the Main trailhead parking area for the Gooseberry Mesa Trail Network.
GPS: Latitude: Longitude: Elevation:5045 to 5450
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  1. Gooseberry Mesa Trail Network - The Gooseberry Mesa Trail Network consists of numerous interconnected loops of 50% slickrock and 50% singletrack. These loops are all bisected by doubletrack jeep trail which provides many opportunities for a quick bail-out or shortcut back to the main trail head parking area. All of the loops can be ridden in either direction, and all of them offer riders the best panoramic views of nearby Zion National Park available from anywhere but an aircraft. There are rim sections, where you have a continuously evolving viewpoint. There are sections that twist and turn through dense forests of cedar, juniper and pinion pine. Other sections flow through open meadows of sagebrush and cactus, punctuated by abundant wildflowers. Still other sections wind their way in a maze-like fashion between between enormous, house-sized boulders. Lichen that range in color from orange, to flourescent yellow-green to pale, grey-green and frequent red, orange, gold and lavender mineral stains add a vibrant splashes of color to the mostly grey Shinarump Conglomerate Rock. Then there are the sections of trail that lie on top of this layer of rock. Although it is called 'slickrock', a term coined by early pioneers who attempted to cross it with steel shod horses, and steel rimmed wagon wheels, it is anything but slick to a rubber mountain bike tire. In fact, it actually has better traction than pavement, allowing you to climb, descend and traverse at seemingly impossible angles. On its far western point, Gooseberry Mesa narrows to only 17 feet wide, with a 200 foot cliff on three sides, and with a 2000 foot talus slope extending from the base of the cliff to the valley floor, below. The riding here is year-round, with daily highs in the coldest month, (January) hovering around 50 degrees fahrenheit. Check out for more info on this, and other great trails in the area surrounding Zion National Park, in Southwestern Utah.
    Ride rating: Intermediate
    Ride distance: 20+ miles Elevation change: 405 feet
    Singletrack=83.3% Truck Trail=16.7%
    Wheelie a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Iron Horse G-Spot with numerous upgrades from Virgin, Utah URL:
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