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Grand County

Amasa Back - Moab

From Moab drive South on Main Street and turn left at the McDonald's. This turns into Kane Creek Road and follows the south side of the Colorado River. Past Pritchett Arch Trailhead, road turns to dirt follow to the Amasa Rock parking lot. Total distance from Moab is 5.5 miles. Trailhead is 1/2 mile further up the road on the right.

GPS: Latitude: Longitude: Elevation:4000 feet
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  1. Amasa Back Ride - From the Trailhead, the first 150 feet or so includes some awesome technical rock garden and big drops (one 3ft!). Don't crash here or it will ruin your ride!

    Cross the wash and start heading up into some very technically challenging climbing. Switch on your sensors because you will be alternating between slickrock, sand, dirt, babyheads, and narly cliff dropoffs without a moments notice on (beleive it or not) a 4x4 trail. The grade is never too steep and all sections are cleanable with retries.

    Once you reach the top, the trail heads downhill, hugging the cliff with a couple of classic rock gardens, nasty 800 foot cliff drops on the left side. Not wanting to spoil my life, I walked both sections. After travercing the ridge you reach the Amasa Back itself and grind uphill over numerous babyhead fields. Stick close to the left hand edge of the back until the trail disappears. Leave the bike and hike for some amazing views of the Colorado River, Potash Plant, and Jackson Hole 1000 feet below. Scenery is quite a rush.

    Head back down the way you came for an exciting technofest!!!! Now the fun begins...all the rock gardens you suffered thru on the way up become your 'bitch' as your soak them up riding your back wheel all the way down. All are cleanable first shot for an expert...on retries for a lesser rider like myself.

    Had so much fun, I tore my shorts completely off getting in and out of the saddle so much - yeeeeeoooowwww!

    Ride rating: Advanced
    Ride distance: 11 miles Elevation change: 1000 feet
    Truck Trail=100%
    Gaping Wound a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Rented Kona MuniMuli from Huntington Beach, CA
    Posted on 9/20/00 Utah Edition HomePage
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