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Content-type: text/html Mountain Bike Trails, Local Bike Shops #SoCalMtB

  • Mount Tom - #MountTom

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Glendale NickNames: #MountTom

    Off the 2 (Glendale) Freeway, get off on Mountain. Take Mountain down to Verdugo. Go North (right) on Verdugo. It will split into Canada. Take the left fork, on Canada, past Verdugo park. AT the first signal (past McDonald's), turn left onto Sunshine. Take Sunshine as high as it goes. You will go through one stop sign, and at the next stop sign, you should be able to turn left, to keep going up higher. (I'm not sure of the street name). Park right before the curb turns into a red zone. (They painted the last half mile of the curb red to deter sex-crazed youth from enjoying this romantic spot.) Ride up to the big yellow gate, and there you are. Thomas Guide page 534 G7

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