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  • Laguna Coast Wilderness Park - #LagunaCoastWildernessPark

    Socal - Orange County - Laguna Beach NickNames: #LagunaCoastWildernessPark

    This park shares a border with El Moro/Crystal cove park on the north, and runs down to Laguna Canyon road (133 Frwy) on the south. All of the undeveloped land immediately adjacent to Laguna Canyon road is in this park. the new toll road (73 Frwy) splits it right down the middle, but a couple of trails still go through via underpasses. Although I have ridden this many times, I am not sure that it is legal. most of the land used to be owned by the Irvine Co. and was private property. the City of Laguna Beach has set up a fund and is taking donations in an effort to buy this land and preserve it for this purpose. whether or not they have succeeded, I don't know. all of the trails here connect either directly or indirectly to trails within El Moro, and parking there is ample if you don't mind paying $5. the best way up, though is probably Willow Canyon, because it's probably the easiest climb, and the summit of that trail is centrally located, and from there you are at almost the highest point on the ridge, and you can access everything in that park as well as El Moro. the trailhead/parking lot about 100 yards south of the Laguna Canyon/El Toro road intersection, but I drive by that a lot and sometimes the gate is closed. there are places to park on Laguna Canyon road, but be careful. it could be hazardous and/or illegal. watch for no parking signs. there are numerous other trails that will take you to the top of the ridge. the Thomas guide lists most of them. the easiest to access start right in Laguna Beach such as Boat Canyon, the water tank road, and the Irvine Bowl road, which comes out right next to the playhouse in Laguna Canyon. they are a little steeper, but there are more legal places to park in Laguna, and it's a good place to end your ride. Thomas Guide page 920, 950


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