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Content-type: text/html Mountain Bike Trails, Local Bike Shops #SoCalMtB

  • Drop In Bouquet Motorcycle Trail - #DropInBouquetMotorcycleTrail

    Socal - Los Angeles County - Saugus NickNames: #DropInBouquetMotorcycleTrail drop in

    Exit at San Fernando Road off HWY 14. Go north & it will change into Bouquet Canyon road. Continue on Bouquet Canyon Road & go a few mile past Vasquez Canyon Road, which is the only major possible left. You will pass 2 Forest Ranger Stations on the right one sits off the road & the second sits right on the road!(Don't forget your Adventure Pass)! After you pass the second appoximately 2 miles or so...Start looking for the ONLY dirt road to the right! Be carefull because you will pass it up as it is hard to see going up Bouquet but easy to see going down Bouquet! (Just look over you shoulder to the right as you travel up the canyon! There is a place to park immediatly across the street of the Dirt Road...The beginning of the ride! Park Here!..WATCH OUT FOR SPEEDING CARS & MOTORCYLES COMING UP & DOWN THE NARROW CANYON AS YOU TRY & PARK...(They Fly).. Now get ready to climb!...Look straight up cause it does nothing except climb up the side of this canyon! I ride it in the middle ring all the way so its not that steep!..O.K. Stay on this Fire road & enjoy the view of the canyon below...Climb till you come to a hair pin turn & follow it around to your left! (When you get to the hair pin you will notice a concrete water tank..don't go that way, turn left on the hairpin & continue on the main road! Keep a climbing & a climbing & ALWAYS STAY ON THE MAIN ROAD it kinda gets steep & flatens & rolls & climbs & ALWAYS GOES UP!At approx 4.2 miles or so you will know you are almost at the trail head when you come upon a View of Bouquet Reserviour in the distance..(no you can't swim in it)& (if you miss the view do not worry..after 4 miles or so start looking for a motorcyle trail that drops into the canyon on your left!..It's the only one so you really can't miss it!!...NOW BE CAREFULL CAUSE THIS THING IS WAY FAST & STEEP & HAS SOME VERY SERIOUS JUMPS THAT CAN RUIN ONES LIFE! HE,HE,HE,!!!!! THIS IS A DOWNHILLERS/BOMBERS DREAM TRAIL!!All I can say is BE VERY CAREFULL AS YOU COME DOWN & MAKE SURE YOUR BRAKES WORK (just don't grab too much front brake!!!)! Follow this trail down till it pours you out onto Bouquet Canyon Rd. Turn right & take an easy pedal down Bouquet along the creek back to your out for speeding cars & such....BACK TO YOUR CAR AT APPROX 9.01 MILES..WANNA GO AGAIN ANY ONE!??? :)


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