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    Norcal - Inyo County - Death Valley NickNames: #WildroseRoad

    Take US-395 to Olancha in the Ownes Valley south of Lone Pine. Go east on CA-190 through Panamint Springs to the Wildrose Road in Death Valley NP. Go south on Wildrose Road to Augerberry Point Road.

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    • Trail UpdateAugerberry Point-This road is one of many interresting dirt roads in Death Valley NP that are worth riding. Be aware that driving distances in this part of the state are severe. There are very few gas stations and no other services of any kind. Park at the Augerberry Point turnoff. Ride up the rocky road through a broad canyon, slowly climbing to the east. Part way up this canyon, there is a small 'ghost town'...the site of Augerberry Camp. A short distance later is a mine. Continue up the road to a high pass with stunning views to the east across Death Valley and the Funeral Mountains. Pass a lone AndyGump and turn north. Ride up a steep ridge for the final 1/4 mile to the top of Augerberry Point. The last few yards of the road are a startling surprise which I won't spoil here! From the top, the views in all directions are incredible! Return the way you came.
      Dirt Road=100%
      Tom Kenney a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA URL:Tom's Page

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