• Whippoorwill Flat - #WhippoorwillFlat

    Norcal - Inyo County - Big Pine NickNames: #WhippoorwillFlat

    From the town of Big Pine along US-395 in the Owens Valley, go east on CA-168 (from north end of town). Cross the valley floor and go southeast (right) on the Big Pine/Death Valley Road. Drive up into the Inyo Mountains to the Saline Valley Road, which turns right (south) at about 7600' elevation. HINT: Watch for a faded wooden sign on the right at about that elevation because there is no obvious sign for the Saline road. Continue south on the Saline road for several more miles, entering Death Valley NP at 5400' elevation, about halfway to Whippoorwill Flat. Climb back to 7000' elevation, which is where you enter the Flat - a broad sage flat with low hills on the left (east) and the crest of the Inyo Mountains on the right (west).

    Several nice campsites can be found by driving up side roads, mostly on the right (east) side of the Saline road. Some side roads require high clearance or 4wd vehicles. ~ your local mountain bike site since 1996. - Terms Of Use - Site Map
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