• The New Hogan Reservoir Mountain Bike Trail - #TheNewHoganReservoirMountainBikeTrail

    Norcal - Calaveras County - Valley Springs NickNames: #TheNewHoganReservoirMountainBikeTrail area 51

    Take Highways 12 or 26 out of Stockton to Valley Springs. At the four way stop, continue on 12 another 1/4 mile to Lime Creek/S. Petersburg. Turn right, then turn right again on S. Petersburg. Follow this for approx. 2 miles to the Oak Knoll campground. They'll let you park for free if you're riding the trail. The advanced trail starts right where you park in the dirt, just past the tarmac.


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    • Trail UpdateArea 51. Dry, Rocky Stuff.-This is very technical singletrack, and should NOT be ridden by beginners. The trail is only 10 miles (out & back), but it will work you. There's a lot of short, steep ups and downs, and not a lot of high-speed sections. If you can ride this trail, you can ride just about anywhere! Very hot in the summer, with no water available on the trail. SCAAB (Stockton Cyclists Are Always Bleeding) is continuing to work on this trail to make it longer. This is a great trail to ride in the winter, as the impact from tires is minimal, and it never gets really cold.

      Call Delta Cyclery in Stockton if you need more details on this trail, at 209-951-5665. Ask for Amy.

      P.S. There is a rim trail that can be ridden (or hiked) by beginner/intermediate riders while you hammer on the advanced trail. The Rim Trail is closer to the lake, while Area 51 is above it. The camping at Oak Knoll (or Acorn East, just down the road) is pretty cool, if you get a shaded spot in the summer. Great lake for fishing & boating, too (cheap boat launching fees).

      Please wear your helmet!

      Ride rating: Advanced
      Ride distance: 10 miles (out & back) Elevation change: 100 feet
      Finch Platte a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannonale CAAD 3 hardtail (ouch) from Stockton URL: SCAAB

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