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    Take Hwy CA-178 west from CA-14, or east from Lake Isabella, to Chimney Peak Recreation Area road. Drive north 11 miles to Chimney Creek Campground. No piped water here, but stream water that must be filtered or treated chemically.

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    • Trail UpdateAction Sequence-
      Gary zipping down the Chimney Creek Road
      Tom Kenney a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA


    • Trail UpdateLong Valley Loop-This is a 26-mile loop sampling the highs and lows, best and worst of the Chimney Peak Recreation Area in the southern Sierra Nevada. Most of the ride is in desert terrain with little or no water, and lots of cactus.

      Exit the campground (5800')(0.0 mi) and ride north on the main road. A long climb through pinyon and oak forest ensues. Pass a weather station in a nice flat (6900')(2.5 mi). Descend and ride some flats to the Kennedy Meadows Road (6700')(4.0 mi). Go left (west) and continue about 0.25 mi. to Long Valley Road. Climb steeply for about 0.25 mi. then continue climbing gently through a meadowy, pinyon-forested canyon to a pass with a wilderness trailhead on the edge of a high meadow (8000')(10.0 mi). Descend a long, rough stretch of canyon, then cross a saddle and enter Long Valley from the north (6200')(13.0 mi). Descend into Long Valley and cruise along the bottom of the valley over rough road with long straights. Arrive at the Long Valley CG entrance (5700')(15.25 mi). Climb from the campground up to a saddle (7000')(17.5 mi). Descend a steep, twisting course around two major ridgelines to the low point of the ride (5400')(20.0 mi). Climb and descend several 100 to 300 foot ridgelines and arrive at the Long Valley/Chimney Peak junction (5600')(24.0 mi) and go left (north). Ride a level-to-rolling stretch north through Lamont Meadow and return to the Chimney Creek CG entrance (5800')(26.0 mi).
      Ride rating: Intermediate
      Ride distance: 26 Elevation change: ~5000'
      Dirt Road=100%
      Tom Kenney a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Klein Pinnacle from Reseda, CA URL: Tom's Page

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