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    Norcal - Tuolumne County - Chinese Camp NickNames: #RedHills

    Chinese Camp is a small town on HWY 49/120 that is about an hour East of Modesto and Merced. From Merced take J59. Trailhead is on Red Hills Road between J59 and Chinese Camp. Big parking lot on South side of Red Hills Road with bathroom, no campground.


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    • Trail UpdateRed Hills-Rocky single track and jeep trails. Some trails on actual old stage road. Many creek crossings with lots of loose rock. Nice views and challenging hills. Trails on both sides of Red Hills Road. Popular spot for horses, YEEEEEHAAAAAAA!
      Singletrack=65?% Dirt Road=35%
      Corey Kronkhyte a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamond Back ZEETEC 2.1 from Angels Camp CA

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