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    Norcal - Shasta County - Redding NickNames: #Twister

    To get to Twister you first park at the southern trailhead of the Sacramento River Trail.You ride on that trail until you come to a bridge.Do not cross the bridge.From the bridge you go strait onto a gravel road.After about 300' the road widens out,off to the left there is a mildly steep climb which runs up through a small canyon.You ride up that past another road.You soon enter manzanita that has slightly over grown the trail.You then enter a flat area of the trail.There will be a small hill at the end.On top of that hill there is a trail to the right that leads to some jumps.Off to the left there is a road.You follow that road until you see a trail cuting off into the brush.That is Twister.From there you ride down the extremely narrow trail.At the bottom there is a GIANT ditch you may have to get off your bike.After the ditch you enter Middle Creek Road.You go up the road until you see a dirt road with a gate accross it.From there you pedal up the road to the Twister trailhead or you can ride back to your car the way you came. !!!! DANGER: there could be rattlesnakes on the trail.!!!!

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