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    I-5 north to hiway 14 north to 395 north for many hours, past Bishop, then left (west) on 203 into Mammoth Lakes. Total drive time approx. 4-5 hrs. depending on traffic.


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    • Trail UpdateMammoth!-It's official. I have a monopoly on this thread. I rode all over Mammoth betwen July 29 and August 4. Inyo Craters was awful. Sandy and soft. Everything else was great. The Bike Park, Big Smokey, The Knolls, etc. Please tell everyone that Mammoth is a terrible place to ride so I can continue to enjoy the trails (except the Bike Park) by myself.
      old gringo a 57 year old


    • Trail UpdateMammoth!-I am beginning to believe that it is a good thing that no one else posts here. I have not found a better place to ride than Mammoth. With the exception of a few newbies who rent bikes at the Adventure Center and ride Downtown, there is no one on the trails here. I love it.
      old gringo a 56 year old


    • Trail UpdateMammoth!-We have been here five days now. Trails that I have ridden are in very good condition. Uptown, The Knolls, Big Smokey, Sherwin Creek Road among them. The rain last night and rain that is falling as I type should help a lot.
      old gringo a 56 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Truth from Chatsworth


    • Trail UpdateMammoth-It still looks like I am the only one who posts here. Has anyone ridden the Mammoth area in the past month? We are headed up this weekend.
      old gringo a 56 year old


    • Trail UpdateMammoth-I claim exclusive rights to this site. I have ridden Uptown, The Knolls, Inyo Craters, and Big Smokey. There is lots of sand and soft dirt everywhere. Probably due to lack of rain. Mammoth is still Mammoth despite the soft stuff.
      old gringo a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Truth


    • Trail UpdateMammoth-I was the last one to update this trail info. Almost two years ago. Anyone been to Mammoth recently?
      old gringo a 55 year old


    • Trail UpdateMammoth-I find it hard to believe that this place isn't updated more frequently. I was there between July 26 and 31, 2006. I rode Big Smokey, The Knolls, Inyo Craters, and all over the bike park. All the trails were in excellent shape with the exception of a few soft switchbacks on Juniper.
      old gringo a 53 year old


    • Trail UpdateHow's The Ride?-Anybody been out on the Mammoth trails lately??
      King Solomon a 32 year old Weekend Warrior from Chino Hills, CA


    • Trail UpdateOFF THE TOP RULES!-I had sooooooo much fun on off the top. it had a few like 2-3 foot jumps. it was soo frick'n fun! But I broke my wrist and dislocated my pinky when i fell in the soft sand and kept rollin'. So now im off the bike for a couple mroe weeks, but it was still great!
      Joe Mangan a 14 year old Racer riding a Trek 4500 from San Diego


    • Trail UpdateMammoth Mountain-I rode Mammoth Mountain two weeks ago and had the most fun of my life! I'm going back next weekend.
      I rode skid marks, paper chase, beach cruser (awesome!) and downtown (great).
      Beach cruiser was my idea of the perfect trail. It had some technical, lots of trees, turns, some level, some fairly steep down, a little up, a few rocks and roots. It was fast a fun. I loved it.
      Marmot a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a eco-challenge GT


    • Trail UpdateMultiple Rides-Mountain biking park open ($12/day), but most trails still covered with snow, except Downtown, Uptown, Juniper and Paper Route. Best riding now is at other sites, including Inyo Craters loop, Knolls, and trail up to Mammoth Mountain. These trails are dry and make for sweet riding. Many others available, with wide range of difficulties (altitude!).
      Bobby W a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Marin Indian Fire Trail from Hermosa Beach

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