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    Norcal - Calaveras County - Angels Camp NickNames: #GloryHole the hole

    Glory Hole Recreation area and Melones reservoir is in the central Sierra foothills, located about a mile South of Angels Camp and 10 miles North of Sonora on HWY 49. Take HWY 4 from Stockton, about an hour to Angels camp. Two main parking lots, one three miles into Rec area at top of trails. Main parking lot a mile further but trails are accessible from many points including swim beach parking lot.


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    • Trail UpdateAbout 12 miles of single track for mtn bikes and hikers only that basically loops with many intersecting trails. One good uphill, one fun switchbacked downhill. Camp grounds, swim beach, boat ramps, fishing, sea kayaking and even some good road bike riding. Good hard tail trails.
      Corey Kronkhyte a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Diamond Back ZEETEC 2.1 from Angels Camp, CA Calaveras Co

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