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Trail choices
Hi all,
I live in OC and I'd like to try some new trails. (I've only done Peters, Aliso Woods, Whiting, El Moro, Bommer/Shady.)
Here's my challenge. I'm lazy, I don't like uphill at all. Just flat or downhill. I'm also looking for shorter rides, not all day epics. What trail would you guys recommend where I can ride for about 1-2 hours? I'm even willing to go with a buddy and shuttle if if you can recommend a flowy downhill ride from trail head to trail end, we can park one car at the top and one at the bottom. Telonix was suggested but that might be a bit more aggressive than we're looking for. Looking more for Peters Canyon difficulty level. Seems like most of the OC trails can offer what we're looking for as long as we know where to park, where to start, where to end, and where to catch the "shuttle" back to the start. Any thoughts on Oneill and/or Holy Jim? I'm in Mission Viejo so they're close by. Thanks,

ps...I already do Snow Summit for $50 a day but I'm looking for a closer, cheaper, option. thx
Posted by K40 a Downhiller on 04/24/13

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