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Free Women's MTB Clinic May 10th - Los Olivos
Please help pass the word.


Presented by Krista Park, Kenda Titus Hayes professional mountain bike team racer
Where: Just outside Los Olivos. Visit for directions.
When: Saturday 05/10/08, 1:00 PM
What: Women's Only Race/Skills Clinic. To prepare for the Santa Ynez Valley National race (May 16-18) or just learn basic riding skills.

Clinic is aimed at beginner to intermediate levels but women of all levels are welcome.

Not a racer? Just want some basic riding tips?
Thinking about racing for the first time?
Experienced racer wanting to pick up a few pro tips?

Topics to be covered:
Q&A: All riding, training and bike related questions.
How to prepare for a race: What to do the month, week and day before a race.
How to race: Methods for pacing, passing, fueling, etc.
Basic Skills: Including a short study of the race start.
Posted by Krista Park a Racer from Anywhere, USA on 05/04/08

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