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North San Luis Obispo County Trail Tutor
I am looking to introduce my 12 year old son to mountain biking, but I would like to be familiar with the trails first. If you have the patience to lug my boy and I around for a day drop me an e-mail. I prefer north county and not to drive over the grade. From what I have been able to research, there is not much in the north county for beginner/novices. This is why I am asking for help.

Posted by Garythenuke a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Ibis SIngle Speed from Paso Robles on 07/07/07

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  • Re: North San Luis Obispo County Trail Tutor

    I'd start by riding around the Grade, the top of the grade has some good riding trails. As always around here, a few hills. Don't know to much about the North Cnty. Maybe stop by one of your LBS, they might have some good ideas. Let me know, I can tell you about riding around the grade. It's fun and can be easy.
    Posted by Rider400 a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Epiphany from SLO on 08/04/07

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