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product review---cygolite Li-lon bike light
If youre ready to toss, sell or give away your halogen bike light and replace it with something new and efficient, I suggest the
Cygolite Dual Cross LED Lithium Ion battery unit.
I replaced my 12v and 10v Niteriders (sold em on ebay) and gambled on a more efficient 20w (halogen equiv)
LED dual headlight system from Cygolite.

The Li-lon battery is 50% lighter than my old NiMh pocket battery and 50% smaller as well.
Burn time is 3.5 hours on high, 7 hrs on low---no BS.
Has same 3 hr fast charger as all high end Niterider lights.---nice.
Price isnt bad----$220 at REI, lower on the net.
4 level light settings, plus blinking mode for road use.

Anyways, as Spring turns into summer and night riding gets up to speed, this light is a good alternative
to the halogens. However the HID's cant be beat for brightness, but the extended burn time and
100,000 hr LED bulb life vs. a $100 HID bulb replacement is something to think about.

Yo fools, see ya on the trail at night! keep on riding

Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Bullit from sunland on 05/17/07

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