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Jalama Beach/Pt Conception
Anyone familiar with that area? Any good riding?
Posted by CFIT on 03/11/07

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  • Re: Jalama Beach/Pt Conception
    There is ZERO dirt to ride at Jalama and I had to trespass on to private property just to hike to Point Conception. I guess not all the best places in California can be open to the public. Sucks. It's a really beautiful place and there would be some nice riding if it were. I heard from a fisheman out there that the cattle ranch above the point may soon be developed too.
    Posted by CFIT on 03/17/07

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  • Re: Jalama Beach/Pt Conception
    Im a Jalama local and its a big no. Its all private, milatary to your right and Cojo ranch to your left. If you take the short 20min drive to town (Lompoc) we have some good single track and a pretty big (and welcoming) Local scene. Only problem is its mostly underground and you will need to ride with a local for the sake of not getting lost or ending up somewere you shouldnt. If you want to get hooked up and ride just drop me a line, Great rides for all levels and ages and even a back yard pump track :)
    Posted by 805rider on 03/27/07

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