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9:30 AM SUNDAY ride Verdugos
starting to ride with a newbie, will be at the Beaudry trail (fireroad) doing Beaudry North ( easy/novice)riding up to the Beaudry shoe, I have to work at noon so its a short n sweet ride. anyone interested, come along. In Glendale, the Verdugos, see map
Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Bullit on 03/11/07

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  • Re: 9:30 AM SUNDAY ride Verdugos
    They found your crops dude! They'll be coming for you soon...

    Thousands Of Marijuana Plants Discovered In Glendale Mountains
    Authorites Begin Tearing Up Sophisticated Growing Operation

    POSTED: 9:33 am PDT August 16, 2007
    UPDATED: 10:16 am PDT August 16, 2007

    GLENDALE -- An operation was underway in the Verdugo mountains in Glendale Thursday morning to remove some 5,000 marijuana plants found growing in the Verdugo mountains in Glendale.


    No arrests have been reported in connection with the operation, which was discovered on Tuesday by the police department's air unit, Glendale police Officer John Balian.

    The plants, which have an estimated street sale value of up to $10 million, will be taken to a disposal site, Balian said.

    "The suspects had designed a watering system using ... the water tower located near the mountain (that) was designed to be used in case of brush fires," Balian said.

    An investigation was being conducted by the Glendale and Burbank police departments and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Posted by Dirtshark99 a Cross-Country Rider on 08/16/07

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    • Re: 9:30 AM SUNDAY ride Verdugos
      Heh heh...

      Found a 'failed crop' of starters up on the Pacifico road on Sunday. I thought it was a Forest Service experiment gone bad, but I had a closer look, and...well, let's just say I recognize a dichondra when I see it! :)

      BTW, it's not a very sophisticated operation if the federales can find it. And, if it's grown in the Verdugos, street val would be more like $500k-$1m.

      Posted by Dr Wellington Yueh on 08/16/07

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