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MTB Racer visits with mentally challenged kids
Stu Travis a mountain bike racer for the Honda Turner team met with some special kids at UCI Medical Center on Monday. After a brief stop at the emergency room to take care of a separated shoulder, Stu stopped by the retard ward at UCI. In the photo below Stu spends some time with a little retarded kid named Jeff Jarvis. Little retarded Jeff suffers from Mental Retardation, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Cyclothymiacs & Dissociative Identity Disorder. Little retard Jeff dreams of some day being a skilled mountain biker like his new idol Stu. Little retard Jeff even has an imaginary friend named Jefe. In Jeff little retarded mind Jefe is the GREATEST mountain biker in the world. Stu is asking for everyone on Socalmtb to help make little retarded Jeffs dream a reality by donating to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Posted by Elvisfink a 42 year old Racer riding a Turner 5Spot / DHR from Garbage Grove on 10/05/04

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