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Kern Trip 22-23 May still on!
Hi, all...

I just sent this info out to the private mailing list, but I'm posting here as a reminder for folks who aren't on that list. FOUR WEEKS AND COUNTING!!!

The weather is looking good - forecast for Lake Isabella is high 70s and sunny for the next two weeks, probably more. Snow is melting fast, and is gone from the Fish Creek area, mostly gone higher up. Temps are climbing in the area, so we should have high 60s or low 70s for the weekend.

Details are pretty much the same - arrive Saturday, 22nd. Some folks will be arriving Friday night. Sean and I will be there Saturday about 8:00 or 9:00. I may have picked up a few participants who don't frequent the board, probably 'C' group guys - a bit older and rounder than most of us. If anyone wants to meet at the Denny's in Mojave on Saturday, we'll probably be there about 6:00 - if so, AVOID THE PANCAKES!!!

Driving directions from SoCal are (generally) as follows:

From greater Los Angeles area and The OC, take I-5 to CA-14 North, follow CA-14 through Palmdale/Lancaster, Mojave, Red Rocks, Ridgecrest, to US-395 North.

From San Diego, Inland Empire, etc, take whatever route to US-395 North and continue north through Ridgecrest.

Continue on US-395 past Pearsonville, to the Kennedy Meadows turn-off (well-signed left turn). Follow Nine Mile Canyon Road to Kennedy Meadows Store (~20 mi west of US-395) and go left at the 'Y' intersection (signed for Sherman Pass). Continue up another 6 miles or so to Fish Creek Campground (well-signed left turn).

I'm still waiting on the exact 'secret' location of the primitive campsite, details to follow, but we will leave a sign at Fish Creek, and we'll probably pass through there Saturday morning when we start to ride, just to make sure we don't miss anyone.

Hope to see y'all there! This weekend should be a lot better than last year's trip - less snow, more singletrack, and some decent technical challenges.

Any inquiries, send me a note - e-mail is in my sig below.


Posted by Tom Kenney a Cross-Country Rider on 04/23/04

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