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cyclocross off season
Hey I'm looking for riders who currently ride a cyclocross bike or may be interested in cross. There seems to be a group for everyone except cyclocross. As a shop owner I want to develop a cyclocross riding club to train during the off season and offer rider support during the racing season.

Let me know if you're interested.
Location Fullerton north OC
Posted by 29in cyclogeek a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SE BM Flyer/ Guerciotti Force from Fullerton on 02/15/06

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  • Re: cyclocross off season
    Everybody I know who races cross (including myself) has put away their cross bike for the summer and is racing on the road or getting ready for the MTB season. Those who are serious about cross will start training around June -July to be ready in Sept.
    Posted by Picken Scabs on 02/21/06

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  • Re: cyclocross off season
    I still ride my 'Crosser at least 1x per week.
    I ride on the local O.C. MTB trails though...
    Posted by Hooermd a 99 year old riding a Frankenbike from Hell on 05/26/09

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