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beginner looking for riding partner in san diego
Hey, I'd really like to get into mountain biking but basically I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm out of shape and have been riding my crappy little bike around in Paradise Hills where I live trying to get my legs and lungs used to the work out. However, I'm having trouble keeping myself disciplined enough to do it as often as I should be, so I'm looking for someone to ride with, either another beginner or someone more advanced that doesn't mind putting up with the ridiculous amount of times I need to stop going uphill and whatnot. I expect to get in shape pretty quickly (I'm not fat. I just have absolutely no muscle), and I think having someone to keep me company and yell at me when I'm being lazy would help a lot. My bike sucks (it doesn't even have shocks!), but I don't want to invest in something nicer until I know enough to know what's right for me (not to mention I'm broke). So it would be nice if there was someone around to teach me a bit too. I'm a pretty mechanical person, so I just need to someone to get me started a bit on what is and is not good to look for in a bike and I can run with it from there. Eventually, once I'm in shape, I'd like to start hitting some trails and hopefully have someone with me to show me how to go about it. Anyone up for the challenge?

Posted by Shasha a 24 year old riding a crappy giant from San Diego on 11/09/05

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