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South Pasadena riding?
Going to be in the South Pasadena area on Saturday. I was hoping a local could give me the scoop on area riding. Any chance that any of the trails will be okay to ride on Saturday? I don't know local trail conditions and which, if any, trails tend to drain well and dry to a rideable condition quickly.

I'm asking because I don't want to be a knucklehead and damage the trails. I can wait if I have to. But since I don't get a chance to get out that way much I thought I'd ask - just in case.

Posted by RightArm on 01/12/05

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  • Re: South Pasadena riding?
    By Saturday, Brown Mtn. should be dry enough to ride. Although I doubt everyone is waiting for things to dry up; I noticed cars parked in the lot as early as yesterday. I'm sure all the trails are extremely rutted, littered with rocks and loaded with wash outs. This place is 10 minutes north of South Pas. and next to JPL in Altadena. Look at the trail section for directions to Brown Mtn. and El Prieto. It's about a 10-13 mile loop, if you choose to go to the top of Brown and then back down to EP. I'd show you around, but I got family plans Saturday.
    Good luck!

    Posted by JoeTruth on 01/12/05

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    • Re: South Pasadena riding?
      Thanks for the info JT. I've actually done Brown Mt. / El Prieto before and was thinking of that trail specifically. I'll check it out since it sounds like it should be rideable. I'm sure that there will be evidence as to whether or not riders waited for it to dry out.

      Posted by RightArm on 01/12/05

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