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    User Name: 24hrdemolitionman
    Name: Ted
    Home State or Country: socal
    Age: 43
    From: Castaic,CA
    Bike: 08,Specialized enduro expert
    What you ride most: mtb
    Type of rider: Die-hard Enthusiast
    Gender: guy
    General Info:

    I enjoy all things MTB. I've been riding bikes all my life. I started riding MTB 20 yrs ago. I can remember riding a full on ridgid Diamond Back on the Kamakazi Downhill at Mammoth Mtn. Since then i've owned many different MTB,Pro-flex,Diamond Back,GT. I try to ride as many different trails as i can in so-cal. I try to ride 1-3 times during the week days [depending the time of year] and every sat. I like all types of riding from XC to DH ,i don't mind a climb if it has a good DH. Have fun and becareful. ~ your local mountain bike site since 1996. - Terms Of Use - Site Map
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