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    User Name: TbC
    Home State or Country: socal
    Age: 33
    From: Santa Clarita
    Bike: Surly 1x1
    What you ride most: mtb
    Type of rider: Die-hard Enthusiast
    Gender: guy
    General Info:

    I don't ride enough, but who does. Any chance I get to ride single track, I take. I prefer rolling, fast track, I'll go up if ther's a good down. I'm currently geared 1.78:1 or 2:1, depending on the ride. I love singlespeeding, steel frame, front suspension, tried rigid for a bit, fun, but not as much as a little spring on the front end. LET'S RIDE! ps, wear a hawaiian shirt when you ride, it's more fun, I do! ~ your local mountain bike site since 1996. - Terms Of Use - Site Map
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