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    User Name: El TroQuero
    Name: "El TroQuero"--tEAm t.k.
    Home State or Country: socal
    Age: 29
    From: GleNdoRa FriEnDLy fOOtHiLLs
    Bike: TreK HarDtaiL
    What you ride most: mtb
    Type of rider: Die-hard Enthusiast
    Gender: guy
    General Info:

    GLENODRA LOCAL accomplished BMXRiPpeR..loves spending weekends riding my dOwnhiLL biKe..who also enjoys SpiNniNg a SingLe GeaR during the week..and just RiPpiN with the T.K RidErs... ~ your local mountain bike site since 1996. - Terms Of Use - Site Map
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