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User Name: The Real FatCat
Home State or Country: socal
Bike: Piece of your loved one's slit
General Info:
I'm nasty, conversationally toxic, eats with mouth open
sometimes, sickingly perverted to women and
physically repulsive & unattractive.
The only job I can hold down is being a con-artist.
I can't remember
much and have the attention span of a 5-year-old.
I like Santa Cruz , Kona, Foes and Intense bikes,
ridden them and owned some, but found out its the
person on the seat that makes the difference, so
I don't care too much about the newest frame or gizmo.

I'll pretend to be a friend so I can hitch a shuttle ride.
I am a thief as well, so don't leave anything of value
unattended. Drinking beer is like having a Diet Coke for
me. I ride like an novice, yet have been riding for years.
I am your typical mountain biker.

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