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Niagara County

Pendleton/Canal Trail - Lockport, NY

From Buffalo: North on Rt. 78 all the way to Lockport, NY. Watch for intersection of Summit Street and Rt. 78. Turn left at the light (make sure to obey posted 30 mph speed limit: it's a known speed trap) Proceed west on Summit Street to next stop sign. (there's a bar/restaurant at that corner) Turn left and proceed to next light. (it's only about 3/10 mile) Straight across from that intersection is the trailhead for the Pendleton/Canal Trail. The trail basically follows the Erie Canal embankment from Lockport to Pendleton. The trail is generally easy to identify. There are sections ranging from easy/novice level, up to suicidal/experts only. (the 'Culvert' is particularly scary; experts only need apply!) Also there is a bar located at the Pendleton end of the trail for cold refreshments should you so desire!
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  1. Ride rating: Intermediate
    Ride distance: about 5 miles Elevation change:
    Thomas Moje a 49 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Pacific 3000YX from Ransomville, NY, USA E-mail:
    Posted on 8/14/02 NewYork Edition HomePage
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