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Santa Fe County

Sams Club (on zia road by the train tracks) - Santa fe New Mexico

Go down St Francis from I 25 north Turn left on Zia road park at the trail head. The trail is kinda sketchy till you are out of town(you go under the highway and it is just flat hang on though it gets better.) Get on the trail but go towards I25 and stay near the tracks. Follow the trail all the way to a mile out side of lamy. It is desert landscape, snakes and lizards are around. Goes all the way till a mile outside of lamy. Bring a lot of water it is hot expecially in the summer. It has a lot of steep valleys were you go down fast and rocket up. Not that technically challenging. It is a fun trail though for a brainless day trail.
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  1. Train tracks to lamy. - You can make it if you are a beginer i took my friend on it and he bailed twice but he is still upright and loving biking. it is hot so take water
    Ride rating: Novice
    Ride distance: About 30 miles Elevation change: none really
    Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
    Tommy a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 820 ( my dads bike not anything special) from Santa fe New mexico E-mail:
    Posted on 6/03/04 New Mexico Edition HomePage
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