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McKinley County

Northside Trail - Gallup

This is an extensive network of desert/chaparral trails on the north side of Gallup, New Mexico. The trails are located just to the west of the Hogback mountain range. Once you find the start of this network the trails are easy to follow, technical, and super-fun. The network consists of Pete's Wicked Trail, Stan's Extension Trail, Old Miner's Trail which goes to Anasazi Rock, Stan's 30ft/2 mile Loop Trail, Pat's Trail, and the Peace Trail to the north. Riding all these trails together would be approx 22 miles. These trails can be made into a loop by riding the Northside Trail back into Gallup. The Northside Trail is a creepy downhill that is full of technical fun spots. All in all, there is about 25 miles of excellent single track here in this cluster of trails. Finding the beginning is confusing due to all the old mining roads that exist on the north side of the city. Your best bet is to talk with the local bike shop.

Scoreboard Bikeshop
Gallup, NM
505 722 6077

GPS: Latitude: Longitude: Elevation:6700
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  1. Ride distance: 10-22+miles Elevation change: 400'
    Singletrack=95% Dirt Road=5%
    Schwinnboy a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Schwinn Rocket 88 from Gallup
    Posted on 7/19/01 New Mexico Edition HomePage
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