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Clark County

Old Railroad Trail - Boulder City

95S to Boulder City, Left at main intersection(Vons and Burger King) Continue down the road, it should have a downgrade to lake. Near the bottom of the grade there is a visitors center the road to take is before the building, turn left and again the road drops around a corner revealing a parking area with a little history and trail path info. boards
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  1. Beginners-Lake view/4 bigtunnels - The trail is extremely easy, however it does serve as a good area to begin training and familiarization as a new bike due to its relatively unchanging alt. and with its wide packed trails with little rocks. The ride is short but the View is great, it overlooks the Lake on the left side while wildly contrasting it with cliffs and gorges on the right. Not to mention 4 Big tunnels, I'd say 20'-25' wide and from 120' 200' long. It is calm and the other hikers and bikers are always polite.
    Ride rating: Beginner
    Ride distance: 4-6 rndtrp Elevation change:
    Dirt Road=100%
    Jake a 21 year old Weekend Warrior riding a NEXT Breakpoint Pro from Henderson E-mail: jake_villasenor@yahoo.con
    Posted on 3/17/04 Nevada Edition HomePage
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