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Sac River Trails - Springfield, MO

from springfield go on hwy 13 for about 3 miles north. there will be a sign, turn to your left. take a little road for about 1/8 mile and your at the trailhead. A cellphone tower at the top of a hill will give the park away.
GPS: Latitude:37* 17.886' Longitude:93* 20.188' Elevation:1100
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  1. Byron - If you are in the Springfield area this is the most popular trail
    system. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick
    ride. Ryan knows what he's talking about. Go to http:// for more info and maps.

    Other good trails are Busieck State Park on Highway 65
    (22miles south of Springfield) and Chadwick near Chadwick,
    Missouri. URL: Cycles Unlimited 417-887-3560
    Posted on 11/05/04 Alert moderators of this post

  2. trail conditions - This is one of my favorite trails. It has great climbs and desents, very rocky ground, and great jumps. The most famous trail at Sac is the outer loop, it is about 3 miles. The hills at sac are pretty big , that means GREAT downhill. If you deside to take the inner trails you'll always find something new. In the front of the park you can practice your balance and jumps. See you there!
    Ride rating: Intermediate
    Ride distance: 9 Elevation change: 150 feet
    Ryan a 16 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a khs E-mail:
    Posted on 7/28/04 Missouri Edition HomePage
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