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Santo Tomas - Santo Tomas

Go South of the Border to Ensenada.Continue 22 miles further South unitil you hit the Pemex station at Santo Tomas. There's a tiny Conosupa
store, past the gas station on the West side of the road. Take the dirt road in front of the Conosupa, West 23 miles to the coast. Taking the left fork at approx. mile 16 will drop you to an empty, beautiful coastal setting. Beautiful tide pools, and just enough dirt roads for great riding adventures await those who have an explorers spirit!

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  1. Santo Tomas - This vast, mostly uninhabited part of Mexico, is a great place to find epic riding and camping. Most of the riding is on dirt roads which hug the coastline for 50 miles. Tidepools and blow holes abound. If you like Mexico and love riding for miles next to the coast, check this area out. To the North, a lighthouse can be seen. A tiny fishing village, (10 shacks), is found near the lighthouse. The few people that live in this area do one of three things: Fishing, ranching or farming. This is a great place to spend a few days swiming, riding and living!
    Ride rating: Advanced
    Ride distance: 40 miles Elevation change: 2000 feet
    Dirt Road=100%
    Tom a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Ritchie Outback from San Diego E-mail:
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