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Las Vegas Tri
LV Tri will be on 9/25th. There were a couple more openings available in the sprint distance, but the International distance is sold out. C'mon out and get brutalized. This is really a good event.Water temp is about 80 so no wetsuits, and the run is on a very light grade going out.Mostly flat.The bike is rolling hills with no real climbs.All in all, a really fast course. Mostly set up for the younger sprinters, but still fun. It's not at LV, but down the street from Bootleg in Boulder/Lake Mead recreational National park.
Posted by Pain Freak riding a Surly Turner from The 909 on 09/12/05

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  • Re: Las Vegas Tri
    Guess what? Mr Bonk talked me into the Tour of Two Forests on the 24th. Hopefully I'll be out of the emergency room, comfortably resting in ICU by the time your tri starts on Sunday! Best of luck.

    BTW.....want to ride this Saturday?
    Posted by Closet Roadie a 52 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek from Upland on 09/15/05

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