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Zipp 404
I recently ordered a new tri bike from my local shop (I'll leave the brand of the bike anonymous) and I ordered it with a pair of Zipp 404s. I expected the 404s to be the ones with the red and white decals and the dimples along the rim. Instead the bike came with 404s but these have no dimples and they each have 2 white decals that read "Zipp 404". The guys at the shop thought that instead of the 404 tubulars which I ordered I received the 404 Z4s.

Does anyone know if regular tubular 404s come with white decals?
Posted by Lawlerm on 02/19/05

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  • Re: Zipp 404
    well, according to the zipp website, they have 3 decals & dimples. Maybe you got '04's?
    Posted by MtnbikeMike on 02/19/05

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