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2009 marin bobcat trail brakes
hey guys i have a 2009 marin bobcat trail mtb and the brakes do not work at all. here is the brakes i found on the bike website Tektro Auriga Comp Hydraulic Disc with 6 Rotor. i was wondering if you guys new what size brake pads to use and what are some brands to go with. i have never changed them before. thanks in advance
Posted by Kx125str99 a 26 year old Downhiller riding a 2009 marin bobcat trail from santa clarita on 06/03/12

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  • Re: 2009 marin bobcat trail brakes
    You can remove your pads and take them to your local bike shop for replacement. If you wish, it's easy enough to cross-reference them online and order them as well. Besides the pads, check for leaks. Check your reservoir fluid level. If you have a leak and unsure on repair procedures, just have the bike shop perform it because it requires tools that most of us do not have readily available. As for brake pad brands, I've had success with both Aztec and Jagwire for my BB7's and Shimanos.

    Good luck
    Posted by Ghostshifter a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant XTC from Guam on 06/11/12

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  • Study Base Post
    Brakes! The only way to stop from what we are doing. When we are riding it is brake that must be in a perfect condition. This post will help how to keep the brakes fit. As an assignment writer I would like to move from one place to another only on a bike. Thank you for the post.
    Posted by LyleCooper a 24 year old from las vegas on 07/22/18

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