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BMX to 20" Freeride/trail bike conversion
I have been aching to get into MTN biking since I was 15 and never could afford too, so I got into BMX racing and dirt jumping instead. I currently have a 2002 Schwinn Pro Stock SE that I built up my self. The frame is made of 6061 Aluminum, the Geometry specs are:
Top Tube Length: 21.5"
Head tube angle: 74 deg
Seat Tube angle: 72 deg
Chainstay Length: about 15", not sure exactly.
Lately, I got curious and started thinking about experimenting with turning my bike into a bit of a freeride/trail bike. I know that it'll be hard cause of the smaller wheels and frame, but that's the whole challenge I am looking to face.
I am plannin on putting on a Manitou or Marzocchi fork with anywhere from 90 to 120mm of travel. I'm not really sure how much travel I should run, cause I know using one of these forks will raise my front end up around 5-7", depending on how much travel the fork has. I know my head tube angle will change, and it will slow my steering down quite a bit. I figure after the fork is on, the the head angle will be around 68-71 degrees, guessing. Now my problem is how much travel would be best, and then what size stem and bars should I run. I'll be changing my drivetrain also. At first I'll be running a really easy gear like a 41/16, which I figure should be good for climbing, especially since I can already climb with my 44/16(very difficult though). I might try a 39/16, but this will only be until I can find an ACS Claws 2 spd kit, which comes with a derailleur hanger, or some other 2 spd rear cog kit. I think Shimano might have made one back in the day. I figure all of this will cost about 300 bucks, gettin most of this stuff off of ebay or other auction sites. Some would say why go through all the trouble, just save that money and go buy a real freeride bike like a VP free or a Giant AC1. Well, because I have never heard of or seen it done, and I'm down for the challenge and the fun it will be. But I would appreciate your opinions and suggestions on a good front setup. The main thing is, PEDALING!! Especially cause I'm only runnin 20 inch wheels and one, hopefully 2 speeds. I gotta get up those hills somehow, and I'm not walking up. :) I'll be buying either an Azonic Saber or Foes FXR around January, so this is just for the meantime.
Posted by Alex966 a 23 year old Racer riding a 2002 Schwinn Pro Stock SE from San Diego on 07/17/04

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