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Info on a bike I found
I found a Lotus - Challenger - Sport series, and I was going to buy a bike. But, I only have about 100 dollars. Is this bike better than what I could get for that much money? It works good, but it needs tires, tubes, wheels and a seat, and anything else I might need (I dont know what else it needs yet). But, I dont want to spend any money on anything if I can get a better bike for the 100 dollars. Should I just clean it up and sell it or is it even worth doing that? Thank for all you help everyone!! I am going to post some pictures, just click on the pics link under my picture. This link might work!! .Thanks again for any help!!!
Posted by Toddclites a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a n/a from Mount Joy on 03/30/07

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