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Hi, I am selling a GT XCR 4000, with double crowned manitou x-verts. This is a 99' model and a mens small frame. this bike is equiped with GT's patented "I drive" system, and 24 gears. this bike is a great freeride bike, it offers the suspension, for jumps and downhill, along with the gears and "I drive" system for serious inclines. I am asking $700 dollars for this fine bike. it was originaly $1200 but since it is used, and still in great condition i am willing to offer a great deal to you, infact you will save $500! this is a great deal, so if you are interested please e-mail me at ( thanks, bye.
Posted by Minowwhooper on 03/29/01

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  • Re: GT XCR 4000 FOR SALE!
    Would you just sell the frame? If so, how much?
    Thanks in advance.
    Posted by Russell Lee on 05/26/01

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  • Re: GT XCR 4000 FOR SALE!
    i will be willing to give you $500 dollars, depending on the condition. could you tell me what colour?
    Posted by Danilo a 16 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a XCR 4000 but it was stolen from UK on 09/28/01

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