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24 Hours Idylwild - 1 Rider Needed
Team Edgehill Racing needs one rider. We are all a bunch of 30 something riders that are low key, like to push our own limits, and have a good time while trying to be competetive. We haven't ridden Hurkey creek before so it'll be hard to guage how many laps will be done by each person. It'll be a 5 man team so figure 4 maybe 5 laps per person. We plan on one group ride there to get familiar with each other and the course. If you can commit and have no problem with the $122 fees (entry, insurance etc...). Less than 60 days to the event. Lastly (positive, no-quit attitude is a must).
Posted by LOUISURFER a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Heckler from Portola Hills on 08/01/04

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