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6 Best Books For Fresh Graduates That Worth A Read
College time is one of the most memorable time periods of one’s life that unfolds several new avenues for a student to step into something new. However, graduating from college is a lifetime achievement for a person, which is undoubtedly an exciting time opening new opportunities and adventures…Yes uncertainties as well.

While you are enjoying the freedom of being graduate from college and celebrating your major achievements and partying hard with your family, friends and loves ones, identifying the fact that future can turn out to be nerve wracking.

However, this article will be discussing some of the books that can be real help to students who frequently need assistance and search on Google with phrases such as, “I need advice on my career” or “who will do my assignment for me ?” For those needy students, these books are a treasure of knowledge.

Whether you are about to graduate by the end of this year or already graduated and want fresh advices, than these books can be really helpful for you as these books will be serving as incredible guides and will be revealing the real world to you.

1. “Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self” By Susan O’Malley

This book can turn out to be a real guide for you as a fresh graduate, written by Susan O’Malley. It is based on what your future 80- year old self would be advising you today, the main question, author has emphasized on, who unfortunately left this world for eternal rest at the age of 38 years, just before the publication of this miraculous book.

There are several aspects that were questioned from different age groups ranging from 8- 85 years old in San Francisco Bay Area. The book has indicate views from 8 years old boy’s reproach to “be friendly to people, listen to your mom, do not pull anyone’s hair” to an 88 years old person’s counsel to “keeping in contact with friends”.

However, this book has beautifully covered different aspects not restricted by age, and can actually take something away from this inspirational work.

2. “Get a Financial Life” By Beth Kobliner

A master piece and a beautiful gift for a fresh graduate from Beth Kobliner. The author in this piece of writing has presented advices for individuals who are somewhat confused and could not figure out from where actually they should start covering everything from taking advantages of tax rules, paying off credit cards and finding smart investments.

3. “Lean in for Graduates” By Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg has revealed several challenges that a recent graduate may face while entering into professional life and being a part of a workforce. The book is enriched with plenty of advices, providing reviews from experts in building resumes, interviewing techniques and highlighting salary negotiating points as well.

4. “Welcome to the Real World” By Lauren Berger

If you are finding it hard to follow your dream career, than this book is without a doubt a real guide. Berger in this book has advised like a big sister revealing even minute details about the experiences of a real world. A perfect collection of advices for graduates who have just stepped in, in navigating the workforce.

5. “The Power of Habit” By Charles Duhigg

Using compelling anecdotes and science, Charles Duhigg, New York Times Journalist offered a captivating gaze at the habits you can make and the way in which you can manage the change to be healthier, happier and more successful.

With the days of towing all-nighters and grabbing hands on pizza late at night behind your new grads, there is no time as the present to prepare yourself for a good routine. This book is no exception that unfolds the power of good habits for a graduate.

6. “Strengths Finder 2.0” By Tom Rath

Tom Rath has tried to present you the ways that can help you in identifying your hidden talents and skills through this piece of writing “Strengths Finder 2.0” which is a kind of an assessment. The reader of this book utilizes an assessment to facilitate you in discovering top five talents and presenting strategies and tips to implement those strengths. This book is perfect for fresh graduates who seek to get some guidance in findings a job.


Jaymie Burton is a freelance blogger and an artist based in Aberdeen, UK who loves to travel and is happiest getting out with his camera, photographing and writing about the different national environment. She specialises in health articles and stories to inspire everyday people especially travellers.

Posted by Jaymie a 22 year old from London on 10/27/17

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