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IV Hydration and HOTTTT CHICS?
Who the hell is this guy who started this company IV PIT STOP INC? I LOVE THIS GUY ALREADY! So, I was in Orange County last week for a race and this dude was kikin it in a mini bus with HOT CHICS. The girls were in some skimpy uniforms passing out flyers and I saw a line of like (6) guys waiting to get in the bus. So I was like...are they gettin lap It ended being guys waiting in line to get IVs and Oxygen for a fee. So this Kat is chillin talkin to peeps and seemed pretty personable so I hit him up, he is the C.E.O. for the company and races Superbikes as a hobby. He told me that he is now gettin into MBR and is also offering his company services to a wide range of bikers. He was pretty chill and offered me a free treatment. His RN is legit and smokin' I actually felt awesome after and the O2 was sik!

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else has met his girls? You wanna check it out He is starting to offer pics with his girls next week...I'm soooooo there.

Posted by Eatmydirt a 29 year old Racer riding a cannondale from OC on 08/30/13

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