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Training Camp with Aaron Gwin coming to Fontana
There is a training camp with Aaron Gwin coming to Fontana in conjunction with one of the Southridge races. The date is going to be determined shortly, but it looks like this February. Let me know if are interested and I will be back with more info as soon as I get it.
Posted by Filippelli74 a 36 year old Downhiller riding a Yeti 303 RDH from Valencia on 01/25/11

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  • Re: Training Camp with Aaron Gwin coming to Fontana
    Mountain cycling has been my ardour for the reason that age of 10. So over the last 5 years i've been going through custom essay writing service UK my neighborhood woods, getting to know every track, one after the other, enhancing whenever. However i've found a positive tune which my motorbike can't manage. It wrecks my suspension. So, i used to be questioning, how could i likely keep up sufficient money to get a downhill mountain motorbike? I recognize they're lots of money however i like the game, so i'm greater than willing to strive quite a good deal the whole lot to get myself a downhill mountain bike.
    Posted by Annamarsh on 11/22/17

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