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Do Pt Mugu SP Trails Close due to rain?
Hi, I'm thinking about heading down there for christmas.
It looks like you guys already got a bunch of rain and it will be continuing through Wed.
Do the trails close? If not, how well do they drain? Is it worth making the trip or will I just be frustrated with riding through deep mud?
Posted by Kubiks a 32 year old riding a a couple from San Jose, ca on 12/20/10

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  • Re: Do Pt Mugu SP Trails Close due to rain?
    I don't think that the State Park Service shuts the canyon when the trails are muddy, but I don't ride there until the ground has dried. There will most likely be lots of water in the stream, which you have to cross at least ten times if you take the main canyon trail. Overlook will be your best bet although the shady spots will be muddy for a while.
    Posted by Old gringo a 58 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Truth from Chatsworth on 12/25/10

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