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mountain biking beginners trail
Hi All...I've never been on a trail before and I'm a little concerned about choosing the right trail to start. You see I've recently lost about 70lbs but I'm still a little on the BIG side. Can anyone give me a suggestion on a local trail where I can get my feet wet. I live in Noroco, CA, not too far from Chino Hills, CA. Thanks so much in advance for any guidance.

Posted by Rebel on 11/23/09

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  • Re: mountain biking beginners trail
    do the fully loop, a group rides meets on thursdays 6pm and sundays 8 am
    its in fullerton. its fairly easy and the group stops for breathers, its not really a trail either, its
    more like dirt between housing tracts. youre going to need lights for the thursday ride though.
    Posted by Diamondback a Cross-Country Rider riding a kona crappy deluxe from Sunland on 11/23/09

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