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trying to get sponsored
hey my names Luis most people know mw as Ligy but i love to BMX i currently ride a 2008 kink whip but workin on getting the kink lost dutchmen frame. ive been riding for about 2 years and im trying to get sponsored but i think ill learn a little bit more before i just wanted to know how to get sponsored. i ussually ride in the skate park and most of the people and my friends say im really gud but im not sure, so far ive only got down some tricks ummm ive got down 180's, 360's, disasters,manuals,no-footer,one-footer,tabletop,alley-oops,and some other tricks but i think i need to get down some more. i have gotten at least about six-feet of air on the ramp at the skate park....
Posted by Lailo16 a 15 year old riding a 2008 kink whip from Meriden,Ct on 10/12/08

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