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This story is about trailhead: Hurkey Creek/ 24HR Course loop - Idyllwild/Garner Valley
hurkey creek closures
Anyone who rides the Hurkey Creek trails needs to know that the USFS plans to start closing them in May. These are my home trails so I'm pretty pissed about it. They claim an erosion issue is to blame and while this may be true, closures are not the answer. We need to speak up right now. The government has a really bad record of returning lands after they have been closed. Please contact USFS Idyllwild, Mary Bono's office, Riverside County Parks, etc.I have been working on these trails through the winter but I'm just one guy, and there are alot of problems. Please DO SOMETHING or we may lose some of the best trails in socal. Respond to this post if you want to help work on these trails.
Posted by JMACH a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GIANT REIGN from anza on 04/21/12

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