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This story is about trailhead: Catalina - Avalon
CATALINA - Avalon to Two Harbors
GREAT 22 mile ride with about 2400 feet of elevation gain. The first 11 miles is paved and then dirt roads the last 11 miles. Working with boat schedules, conservancy permits, morning noon and night temperatures made this a logistically complicated day. So here is how we did it.

On Friday's the Express runs a boat from LBC to Avalon at 0615. The express can take you back to LBC from 2 Harbors at 5:45pm ($75 R/T) giving you a full day to ride the island.
Express Schedule is here -
A permit is required, it costs $35 and is good for one year. Information on that is here -
Map of the Island is here -

Arrived at Avalon about 7:15. Only one place was open to eat and fortunately it was good. At 8:30 the Conservancy office opened and we got the passes. We started riding at 0848 heading up and up to East Summit.
Avalon to East Summit - 3.2 miles - elevation gain 1,334 feet - tough section but shady in the morning and reasonably well paved.
Got to East Summit at 1045. East Summit is a great place to hang out, enjoy the view and take a break. Within about a mile of the top there are some benches, a botanical garden and a playground with a drinking fountain.
East Summit to Airport in the Sky - 7.5 miles - Easy rolling hills with an elevation gain of 300 feet. This is a section that can be ridden fast. We took an hour because we stopped to take pictures a few times. Got to Airport at 1145.
Airport in the Sky - Good place to eat lunch, watch airplanes land and take off, refill water bottles, and know it is all downhill to the next stop.
Escondido Ranch Road to Shark Harbor - 5 miles - Down hill dirt road to the Sea. Saw a herd of buffalo finally. Road is slippery and rutted with some switchbacks but mostly fast.
Shark/Little Harbor has a beach campsites, showers and water. And Buffalo. Took us about 30 minutes from Airport including stops.
After hanging out a little bit at Little Harbor we headed out for Two Harbors.
Little Harbor to Two Harbors. - 5 miles - Some tough uphill at first but mostly flat. Took us about 90 minutes.
Rolled into Two Harbors at 3:15. Two Harbors has a good but expensive restaurant and bar, nice beach and a small general store. This is where you'll catch the express ferry back to LBC. You can continue riding another 6 miles of mostly flat windy and scenic dirt road to Parson's Beach and make it a true Trans Catalina ride with a total miles ridden of 34.
Definitely doable.

Ride Summary and Conclusions
Miles ridden - 22 Ride Time - 5 Hours (could be cut to 4:30)
Costs = $75 Ferry Permit $35 Food $40 - Total $150

Overall a nice one day vacation from Los Angeles for somebody in good shape and looking for something different to do. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner are in Avalon, Airport in the Sky, and Two Harbors.

Other Options - Middle Ranch Road to Ben Weston Beach. A nice side trip but will skip Airport so bring your own lunch. 1 mile hike to Ben Weston. Good Option for an Out and back from/to Avalon or Two Harbors.

Posted by Sailor7x a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a TREK Something from Palos Verdes on 02/14/10

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